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Art Gutsche


Simone Gutsche-Sikora paints what her hearts dictates.

Boundless, without style or subject constraints. In her new studio in the town of Steyr, she finds the necessary creative freedom. She loves spacious surface and prefers to work oil frames combined with different materials.

Her paintings show lived stories, are exibited in international galleries and convey a grasping nearness. These dimensions of artistic creativity are also expressed in her designwork for decorative hardware, which not only makes elegant and dynamic but mystic and sensual.

For stylish dining and fine table culture.

Simone Gutsche-Sikora created a perfect symbiosis between picture and porcelain painting. An elegant an creative combination of two different artistic fields. Her paintings, or rather parts of them, form the base for the porcelain plate designs.

The result is a distinctive dining culture, when the picture on the wall is reflected on the covered dinner table, a magnificent experience for the eye.



Like other artists "sunset lounge" it is also Günther Edlinger about innovative contact with unusual materials, technical perfection and aesthetic refinement with the amalgamation and imitate of media.

From the basic position expressive-passionately, Günther Edlinger processed cyclically impressions of an observed tragic death by burning (gallery of the city of Salzburg "purgatory" in 1998) in big canvas pictures among other things. Another picture series falls through the integration of full liquid containers in a picturesque connection ("aqua-pox") in which clear glue layers play an important role.