A whole new sense of well-being


The "AMEDIA" brand represents a simple, clear, and modern product philosophy. AMEDIA combines first class service with the latest technology! Free telephony in 24 countries, as well as complimentary high-speed Internet, makes us just as you would expect and more. Just as contemporary as the technology, is the design and atmosphere in our hotels. Therefore, aspects such as design, lifestyle and art (eg type Gutsche, Günther Edlinger) play an essential role in our hotels.


The proven concept of AMEDIA Hotel - that has been around for 7 years and combines best service with the latest technology has now been refined. In the new AMEDIA Luxury Suites guests not only has the most important media of today available absolutely free of charge, but it allows the guest to connect to the extensive multimedia offering with their own devices. Also, art and hotel now fit together perfectly - from the flooring to the furniture fittings, the artworks and the furnishings, all rooms are unique highlights! For each guest the right room - a work of art to live in.


The number of hotels is expected to increase up to 30 hotels by the end of 2018. Amedia Hotel is working on numerous new projects – opened by the end of 2016 will be: Leipzig, Amsterdam, Frankfurt-Raunheim & Dresden. Currently in planning, to be finished until the end of 2018: The Hague, Rotterdam, Wismar, Lustenau, Munich and Hamburg III.